About Us

Welcome to UPMC International

Following in the belief that everyone should have access to the best possible health care without having to leave his or her country or region, UPMC has expanded internationally in order to share our clinical, technological, and managerial expertise.

While we focus on bringing the best practices from the United States, we also take the time to develop collaborative relationships and get to know the people we work with, to better understand their vision and the obstacles they face. We partner for the long-haul and work to ensure things run smoothly, so that the end result is increased access and improved patient care in the region.

The UPMC International website is designed for our partners and fellow health care professionals and practitioners who seek information about our international collaborations, clinical locations, and medical expertise. I encourage you to contact me to further discuss our experience implementing customized health care solutions and how we’ve worked to reshape local economies.

Learn more about UPMC and our renowned centers of excellence in transplantation, cancer, neurosurgery, sports medicine, geriatrics, and women’s health.


Chuck Bogosta
President, UPMC International