Facility Design and Construction Management

UPMC International works with partners around the world to support all aspects of medical facility design and construction. Our services include site selection, preliminary space programming, facility layout and design according to clinical needs, construction management, commissioning and start-up of significant pieces of clinical equipment and guidance on effective management of a facility’s ongoing operation and maintenance.

Notably, UPMC has significant expertise in the design and development of cutting-edge research facilities. For example, we worked with the Italian government, providing technical and scientific direction to help design the Biomedical Research and Biotechnology Center (BRBC) in Sicily, Italy. UPMC is presently responsible for construction management of this facility, anticipated to be complete in 2019; upon completion, the BRBC will include a biosafety level 3 containment laboratory.

“UPMC respected our budget and provided training for our staff to keep our patients in Singapore.”

Dr. Tan Kai Chah
Executive Chairman, Asian American Medical Group
“ISMETT is helping this region to grow and is an example for the health sector and those searching for continuous improvement.”

Umberto Seretti
Director General, Banca Nuova
“Partnering with UPMC enables us to change the paradigm for treating cancer patients.”

Dr. Ken Alibek
Chairman, National Research Oncology Center
“Our partnership with UPMC enables us to work very closely as a single team.”

Akmaral Akhbanbetova
Manager, National Research Oncology Center
“We are delighted with the collaboration with UPMC, as are our patients, community and shareholders. The relationship already has exceeded our expectations. UPMC brought the reputation, technology, equipment, clinical prowess and management leadership needed to help us elevate the Centre and distinguish ourselves in our markets.”

Dr. Tan Kai Chah
Executive Chairman, Asian American Medical Group
“We wanted to create one of the world’s leading trauma centers at Hamad General Hospital, with the best possible care for our patients and the finest training for our physicians. We felt that our collaboration with UPMC would help ensure that we reached our goal as quickly as possible.”

Dr. Hanan Al Kuwari
Managing Director, Hamad Medical Corporation

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